Super Sour Diesel — Weed Strain Review

Overview: If you’re looking for a new strain to enjoy, we’ve got the perfect one for you. Super Sour Diesel Kush weed is a fast-acting sativa that will make your mind and body feel like they’re melting into the couch. It’s an energetic high that will leave you feeling euphoric and uplifted. Get ready to let go of all of your worries with this powerful indica!

What is the Super Sour Diesel Kush Strain?

The Super Sour Diesel Kush strain is a marijuana indica strain. It is a cross between the highly potent and popular Sour Diesel and SFV OGK automatic strain. The result is an extremely pungent plant with strong overtones of lemons, followed by sweet coffee, fuel, skunk, underbrush, earthy pine trees, and finally, dark chocolate.


The sour tang in this bud becomes very apparent when your nose enters the equation. A pungent stench of diesel is present upon breaking up these buds, which many consider one of their favorite aspects of Super Sour Diesel’s aroma. The combination of both of these smells coming together create a very sour and tangy pine smell that will permeate your nose and clothes if not correctly stored.


Super Sour Diesel smells just as its name suggests. A sour, tangy pine flavor accompanied by a diesel undertone makes for an aromatic combination of tastes. An earthy, skunky aftertaste finishes off the smoke session perfectly.


Super Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain features a light green coloration with rich orange hairs that stand out from the bud. Many describe this look as similar to an orange creamsicle or Tangy Taffy candy. The bud structure is very tight, making the strain challenging to break apart.

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How to grow the Super Sour Diesel Kush Strain?

Growing time and Cultivation

Super Sour Diesel Kush weed is fairly easy to grow, with some people even electing to grow the strain indoors. It has an average growth time of 7-9 weeks. Harvest time can be expected around mid-October for outdoor growers and early October for indoor growers. The plant will be ready for harvest when it reaches a height of 4 feet. Indoor yields are reported to be yielding anywhere between 400g – 600g per square meter, while outdoor yields are around 650g per plant or more at sea level (over 900g/plant in mountain areas).

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How strong is the THC Content of Super Sour Diesel Kush Strain?

The Super Sour Diesel Kush strain contains between 17-24% of THC, which makes it a relatively high percentage of the psychoactive compound. The level of total cannabinoids is typically around 20%, which means that there will be a decent amount of CBD content.

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What are the Medical Benefits of the Super Sour Diesel Kush Strain?

This strain has many potential medical benefits that have yet to be fully realized by researchers. Some of these include relief for patients suffering from depression, chronic pain, loss of appetite, and migraines. This cannabis also provides relaxation to the mind and body without leaving you feeling sluggish or groggy like other indica strains. On average, consumers report feeling an intense rush lasting roughly 2 hours long, starting in the head and heart areas before slowly fading away into a mellow effect.

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What are the Possible Side Effects of the Super Sour Diesel Kush Strain?

The most common side effects are dry mouth and red eyes. Many also report paranoia when smoking this strain for the first few times, which subsides after repeated use. This makes Super Sour Diesel Strain unsuitable for beginners or those with low tolerances.

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On the whole,

Overall, the Super Sour Diesel Kush strain is a great marijuana indica. It provides an excellent mix of medical and recreational use qualities that will not disappoint those who love the taste, smell, and mood effects of cannabis consumption. Have you tried this kush strain? Let us know!

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