Purple Afghani Kush Strain Review

Overview: Residing in the Hindu Kush Mountain Range, this strain is sure to please. The Afghani and Purple genetics of this weed will take you on a journey through the mountains of Afghanistan and into your heart’s contentment. This strain has an earthy smell that gives off a pine tree-like aftertaste. It provides users with a cerebral high that makes them feel happy and uplifted for hours. If you’re looking for something strong, then look no further than this purple Afghani kush!

Purple Afghani Kush Information

The purple Afghani Kush is a strain that is the result of breeding Afghani with Purple Kush; both strains are known for their relaxing effects and distinct flavors. This particular weed comes from the Hindu Kush mountains, which span over parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

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What do Purple Afghani Smells like?

The pungent aroma of this weed is rather earthy, with strong hints of pine. This strain has an aftertaste that resembles the smell of trees and plants, accompanied by a tangy sweetness.

What is the Taste of Purple Afghani?

The taste of the purple afghani is described as earthy with a pine tree-like aftertaste. The high you will get from this bud is relaxing, relaxing, and uplifting. It provides users with a cerebral high that makes them feel happy and uplifted for hours.

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How does Purple Afghanilook?

This strain has very dense nugs with little to no fluff, so you’ll need to break it down. The hairs are pretty sparse as well, which is one of those things that can really make a difference in the quality of your final product. What’s left after grinding is something that looks somewhere between dark green buds and purple buds. But they’re definitely more dark green than purple. It depends what kind of light you have on them, I suppose – either way, they look great! Even though they aren’t huge, each bud is pretty frosty, which makes this strain look A+++++.

Purple Afghani Effects On User

THC Content

This strain has a THC content of about 16-20%, which is considered high. Compared to other strains, Purple Afghani has a relatively low CBD content, so users should be prepared to deal with the psychoactive effects of this strain.


The onset of this strain is rapid. Within about 20 minutes, users start to feel a build-up of pressure at the temples and forehead, which slowly spreads throughout the body. A bit later on, you’ll feel your eyes getting heavy, and it will be harder to focus on tasks that require a lot of concentration. Mind you, these are only two distinctive effects that people generally notice from Purple Afghani. Below we have a list of some other potential effects.


The duration of the high from this strain is about 2-3 hours.

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Does Purple Afghani ​have any medical benefits?

Purple Afghani Kush provides users with a plethora of medicinal benefits. For one thing, it contains high amounts of THC, making it particularly effective in treating chronic pain and lack of appetite. It also helps relieve tension in muscles which can help treat insomnia/issues sleeping at night if used in the daytime. Furthermore, its uplifting effects make it perfect for those who suffer from depression and other related ailments such as anxiety and stress.

Does Purple Afghani have any side effects?

There are no harsh side effects associated with smoking Purple Afghani Kush. While some individuals may experience headaches, this is usually a result of dehydration, so be sure to drink plenty of water when using it. An upset or dry stomach has been reported but can be remedied by eating a small meal before ingesting the strain.

Purple Afghani Growing Information

Indoor Cultivation

You can grow Purple Afghan Kush from a young age inside a room that has been set up specifically for growing weed. You will need a place that is around 50 or 60°F to do all of your germination and vegetation in, as well as a separate area where you will flower your plants at 22°C with 14 on/10 off photoperiods. This plant can produce about 500g/m² of bud when it matures, so it isn’t too bad. To maximize yield, growers should look into adding additional lighting during flowering cycles. It’s generally recommended to have ~30 watts per square foot of growing space. Outdoor Cultivation

Purple Afghani is easy to grow outside. Since this strain flowers early, it can be planted in the spring and ready for harvest by late August/early September. An experienced outdoor grower can expect to yield up to 500g per plant, but the average yield will probably fall somewhere around 250 grams.

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By and large,

Purple Afghani is one of those special strains that takes all of the best characteristics from other strains and combines them into one unique smoking experience. It’s got an earthy yet sweet taste, relaxing but uplifting effects, etc. This strain has something for every smoker, so we recommend trying it out if you have access!

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