Jet Fuel Strain Information and Review

The Jet Fuel strain is a cross-breed product of the Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel strains. From its parents, you can expect an outburst of energy when this is consumed. This strain will give that lift in emotions and energy. In other words, it makes people happy.

This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid and is an appealing option for those who wish to feel more energized and focused. The Jet Fuel strain should then be taken during the day. It will sustain the energy you need for all your work.

If you believe that this strain is dangerous, especially when taken over a long period of time, you are mistaken. This strain is mild and has no major side effects, especially if you follow your dose properly. If you want to take something that will not give harm your system, then you should consider the Jet Fuel strain. Read this article to find out more about it.

What Is Jet Fuel Strain?

The Jet Fuel strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It promises a lot of potential. The jet fuel strain is sometimes known as “G6,” The Jet Fuel high hits you like a ton of bricks, with an immediate sensation, felt in the temples and behind the eyes. You’ll feel happy and uplifted, with a tingly mental energy that can make you extremely giddy. Your body will succumb to a feeling of full relaxation that does not produce sedation as your mind soars over the skies.

It has powerful effects that start with a headrush that leaves you feeling happy and drowsy. Your entire body will be put into a deep state of relaxation with no feeling of being trapped. If you’re feeling tired, a few puffs of Jet Fuel will help you get back on your feet and give you a jolt of energy.

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Scent and Taste

The Jet Fuel strain has a strong and powerful diesel odor. This is obvious because of its origin. On the other hand, its flavor is just like a stronger citrus undertone. If you compare them, the scent is stronger than the taste. This is why it is appealing to many users. It does not have that overpowering taste, though.

Appearance and Texture

The Jet Fuel strain grows into a medium-sized strain. It has noticeable medium-sized buds with yellow pistils all over. You will notice light green colored pistils as well. The colors that you can see in this strain make it more attractive to users. It has dense trichomes which appear like crystals, making the strain look more appealing.

Information on Growing Jet Fuel Strain

If you are a newbie grower and would want to grow the Jet Fuel strain, you do not have to worry because this is easy to cultivate. You can either use hydroponics or soil to grow the plant. Medium growth can already give you good yields.

The flowering period may take around 9 – 10 weeks. If compared to other strains, this period is longer. But if you have harvested a healthy and completely matured strain, then it is truly worth the wait. The harvest period is around the middle of October.

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Impact of Jet Fuel Strain

The Jet Fuel strain is known for its powerful effects. Your mind and body will immediately feel the effects as soon as you take them. You will feel a certain calming effect that can help you relax. On the other hand, there are people who feel energized once they take this strain. This brings benefits to those who have an active lifestyle.

This strain brings calmness to the mind and can help anyone who wants to unwind and relax. At the same time, it is also good for any type of ache or pain. Keep in mind that the effects of the Jet Fuel strain may vary depending on the person using it. Bodies and minds react differently. It is just important to take note of its effects once you have taken it. This way, you can adjust your dose and the time to take it.

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Health Effects

The Jet Fuel strain is mostly used for many medical purposes. It can help in treating a variety of ailments. It has some potential benefits that can help you get rid of any pain or physical discomfort that you are feeling.

It also has anti-anxiety characteristics. This is why this strain is ideal for anyone who is feeling worried or stressed out. It can soothe your mind so you can achieve a calm and relaxed state.

This strain is also known to have antidepressant properties. It makes users feel happier. Patients suffering from mental distress or other mood swings can also find this strain beneficial. The Jet Fuel strain provides a soothing impact that might help you get more energy.

Adverse Reactions

The Jet Fuel strain is a potent strain to try. If you consume this in excessive amounts, side effects should be expected to happen. Among the known side effects are dry mouth and eyes, redness in your eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and headaches.

THC and CBD Content in Jet Fuel Strain

The THC level of the Jet Fuel strain may range from 16 – 19%. As for the CBD content, it can be about 0.33 – 1.64%. With these contents, it is important to take the right dose so you can expect the best benefits from this strain.

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In Conclusion

The Jet Fuel strain has been popular for its strong effects and medical characteristics. It can be one’s solution to some of their mood and physical discomforts. This strain can give energy to someone who needs the boost for them to do all their tasks for the day. For others, it is a relaxation solution in case they are feeling anxious or stressed.

Just like any other strain, it also has certain negative side effects. When used in high amounts, this strain may produce effects that you did not expect. Negative consequences may happen, especially if you do not take precautions with the dose you are taking. The Jet Fuel strain can be beneficial when taken correctly. Do not overdo this strain, as you might dislike its effects on you.

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